Knowledge of mountain bike riding helmets

Knowledge of mountain bike riding helmets

Cycling helmet: It is the big mushroom worn on the head. Because it can provide protection for the fragile head, it is a must-have equipment for cyclists.

It is useful for anti-collision, preventing branches and leaves from hitting, preventing flying stones from hitting, diverting rainwater, ventilating, and speeding up. A helmet with a brim protects against sun protection, and a reflective logo on the helmet can prevent accidental collisions when riding at night.

Criteria for judging the quality of a helmet: including texture, weight, lining, wearing comfort, breathability, and wind resistance:

Texture helmets are generally made of foam (normal or high-density – the difference between the two is their anti-collision effect) and have a smooth shell surface;

The weight on the head should not be too heavy, which is why the cycling helmet does not use alloy materials;

The inner lining is the part of the inside of the helmet that is in contact with the head. It can improve the wearing comfort at ordinary times and produce a cushioning effect when the head is hit. A well-crafted helmet has a larger inner liner coverage, better texture, and a stronger bond to the inside of the helmet;

Wearing comfort is mainly due to the weight, lining, lacing and personal feel of the fit of the head circumference. Wearing a comfortable helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider’s head and neck and maximize the impact on the rider. protective effect;

A breathable head that is not breathable for a long time will have a bad effect on the scalp and will also make the cyclist feel uncomfortable. So a good helmet either has more holes, or has a larger hole area – this is all to improve breathability;

The wind resistance effect helmet tucks people’s hair into the helmet, which itself reduces the wind resistance of the head. For friends who are keen to increase the speed, the influence of the helmet shape on the wind resistance is also worthy of attention.

Types of riding helmets: Half-helmet riding helmets are divided into road-specific (without brim), road and mountain dual-use (with detachable brim), etc. There are also friends who use helmets similar to those used in baseball or roller skating. Full-face riding helmets are similar in shape to motorcycle helmets and are generally used by downhill or climbing bike enthusiasts.

Post time: Mar-14-2022