Repair your own car. Have you noticed all this stuff?

We always buy their own heart yi parts, hope to immediately put on the bike to feel, and hope that they can start to install and debugging, but very worried that they can not damage the bike, always hesitate to start. Today editor will explain to you some of their own repair, debugging bicycle precautions, I hope you can rest assured DIY, and not troubled…


Do not overscrew

First of all, be careful not to screw too tightly, in fact, many screws do not need to use too much force. In particular, ultra-light carbon fiber materials and titanium alloy screws must be more cautious than ever.

In fact, consider buying a suitable torque wrench, and the right inner hexagonal. Pay attention to use different torque according to the marks in different parts. And in the screw thread and bottom or the washer with grease, in some special bolt positions, such as double screws or handlebar 4 screws (cross cross fastening), should be used in accordance with the correct fastening method to operate.

Tighten the front bowl set correctly

If there is a fall, it is easy to appear the stand, bowl group slanting, loose problems, will eventually affect the control of the bicycle. We need to understand how the bowl group actually works, and learn how to handle your bowl group correctly. In particular, do not tighten the bowl set cover when the vertical screw is loose. Because this can damage the star gasket and expand the expanded flowers. The swelling flower should be removed from the front fork riser first.

Wear protective gloves

When tightening the screw, be sure to be aware of where your hand is in advance and pay attention to which joints may cause injured when the screw suddenly breaks free. For example, when dealing with the crank and foot process, the screw will be relatively tight, and closer to the pressure plate, the chain, in the twist process, a little attention, it is easy to let the hand by serious injury.

To avoid these damage, you can choose to wear protective gloves or riding gloves; and try to change your direction: if you pull towards you is safer than if you push out by your weight, because it slip slip.

Prevent quick demolition and loosening

Check your quick axle and loosening before each bike to prevent injury. The nut of the quick dismantling rod should be adjusted, so that the upper dead point does not let the wheel swing, and then press the quick dismantling rod tightly. When using the quick disassembly, you should rotate the nut to one side, and the method of rotating the quick disassembly handle is wrong.

Post time: May-18-2023