Bicycle parts maintenance tips

1.Tips for repairing bicycle pedals make a misstep

⑴ When riding a bicycle, the main reason is that the jack spring in the freewheel fails, wears out or breaks if the pedals make a misstep.

⑵ Clean the freewheel with kerosene to prevent the jack spring from being stuck, or correct or replace the jack spring.

2.Repair tips for bicycle brake failure to work

⑴Bicycle brakes failure to work is very dangerous, especially when traveling, you need to pay special attention to it.

⑵Loosen the nuts and screws of the elastic brake first, and tighten the brake the make sure the distance between the brake shoes and the rim is 3-5 mm.

⑶Tighten the loose brake screws and nuts. If the left and right brake shoes are asymmetric, install the front and rear wheels in the right way, or eliminate the axial drift of the rim, or correct the brake shoes.



3.Tips for uniform force on bicycle tires

⑴The front wheel of the bicycle is worn severely on both sides of the tyre due to turning.

⑵Because the rear wheels are under more pressure, the front of the tires wears faster. It is best to exchange the front and rear tires once a year, and change the left and right directions of the front and rear wheels to make the two tires wear roughly the same degree.

⑶When you go to the bicycle repair shop for maintenance, you can ask the master to replace it.

4.Repair tips for out-of-round wheels

⑴The bicycle wheel is not round because the spokes of each part are loosened unevenness. When adjusting, use chalk to measure the flat part of the rim

⑵Relax the spokes in this area again, tighten the wide ones, and correct them


  1. Maintenance tips for bicycle parts

⑴Dust off the floating dust with a dry cloth on the electroplated layer of the bicycle, and then apply a neutral oil (such as sewing machine oil)

⑵The paint film of the bicycle body should be dusted with a feather brush, and should not be rubbed with oil or exposed to sunlight.

⑶All bicycles coated with varnish cannot be polished with car wax, and the paint will fall off.

⑷After the bicycle is exposed to rain, use a dry cloth to absorb moisture and prevent rust.

⑸The axle, freewheel, fork, pedal, etc. of a bicycle should always be filled with oil or lubricating oil, and the freewheel should be filled with some thin oil.

⑹Bicycles should be cleaned once a year with kerosene. Note that bicycles should not be placed near heating, kitchens, coal stoves, etc., to avoid CO gas corrosion.

Post time: Aug-01-2023