Brake with the front brake or the rear brake? What if using the brakes to ride safe?

No matter how skilled you are in cycling, riding safety must be mastered first. Even if one of the important ways to ensure cycling safety, it is also the knowledge that everyone must understand and know at the beginning of learning cycling. Whether it is a ring brake or a disc brake, it is well known that the bike comes with two sets of brakes, the front and the back, which are used to control the front and rear wheels of the bike. But will you use these bikes to put on the brakes? How will we use the brakes to keep our cycling safe?


At the same time before and after the brake 

Use before and after the brake at the same time, for a is not skilled in cycling skills of beginners, at the same time using the brake way is the best way to stop bicycles in a short distance, but when you use both the brake, it is easy to produce vehicle “tail” phenomenon, because the front wheel deceleration force is greater than the rear wheel, if the rear wheel sideslip, the front brake still lead to the rear wheel, once the rear wheel sliding, often tend to sideways rather than front sliding, then must immediately reduce the brake force after complete release or the brake, to restore the balance.

Use only the front brakes

Many people will have such a question, only with the front brake will not roll forward? This is what happens to those who have not yet learned to adjust the front brake force. In fact, this is because he did not grasp the strength of the front brake, and did not use the strength of the arm to resist the inertia force to continue to rush forward, the sudden deceleration force is too strong, the car is stopped, but people often continue to move forward, and finally fell a “inverted”, became a rider.

Use only the rear brake

It is also not safe to ride only on the rear brake, especially for those who like to ride fast cars. In some specific cases, the rear wheel will appear to leave the ground, if the rear brake is used at this time, in fact, the rear brake is completely ineffective. And the braking distance of using only the rear brake will be longer than the braking distance of using only the front brake, and the safety factor will be greatly reduced.

Effective brake

Want to effectively stop the bike in the shortest distance, actually the best way is to pull the brake to the rear wheel just floating off the ground, arm firmly hold the body, avoid the body tilt forward, cause the body forward, and as far as possible, the ass back can to much more, and control the body center of gravity, can have how low is more low, to master to the limit. This braking mode is applicable to various braking conditions.

Because riding in the body and the car has forward momentum and gravity acceleration downward force, at the same time, form a forward force, the strength of the brake is by the tires and the ground friction to weaken forward, if you want to have good braking effect, the greater the pressure to the bicycle, the greater the friction. So the front wheel will provide maximum friction, and the body will provide greater pressure backwards and down. So theoretically a reasonable control of the front brakes of the bike will provide the maximum braking effect.

Brakes in different environments

Dry and smooth road: in the dry road, the vehicle is not easy to slip and jump, the basic brake, the rear brake as auxiliary to control the vehicle, experienced car friends can even not use the rear brake. Wet road: on slippery road, it is easy to appear slippery problems. If the rear wheel slips, the body will be easy to adjust and restore the balance. If the front wheel slips, it is difficult for the body to control the balance. Need to immediately use the rear brake to control the vehicle to control and stop the car. Soft road surface: the situation is similar to the slippery road surface, the possibility of tire skid increased, the same must use the rear brake to stop the car, but this is the front brake, to prevent the front wheel skid problem.

Bumpy road: Riding on a bumpy road, the wheels are likely to jump off the ground, where the front brake is not used. If the front brake is used when the front wheel jumps off the ground, the front wheel locks, and the locked front wheel lands would be a bad thing. Front tire burst: if the front wheel suddenly burst, do not use the front brake, if the front brake in this case, the tire may be out of the steel ring, and then lead to the car overturned, have to be careful.

Front brake failure: the front brake failure, such as the brake line fracture or brake skin damage or excessive wear has been unable to play the role of braking, we need to use the rear brake to stop riding. In theory and in practice, using the front brake will be the most effective way. If you want to master the ability to brake before you, as long as you continue to learn to master the critical point of the rear wheel floating, and control the vehicle from falling, so that you can slowly become a real cyclist.

Post time: May-18-2023